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Cross platform, full stack digital hackery

Last updated March 27th, 2014

What I'm up to

I'm currently working in BBC News Labs on "The Juicer" and helping with #newsHACK.

I was really impressed with the recent sneak preview of what the folks at Parliament have planned for and looking forward to seeing it live soon. #parliamentapi

Recently I've been thinking about how to feedback to Labour's Digital Government Review. There are folks with some really good insights there and very sold turnout at recent meetups and I've been most impressed with the quality of contribution.

Thanks to RewiredState for inviting me to head up National Hack The Government in Scotland this year, and thanks to everyone who came - I had a great time and it was lovely to meet you all.

Thanks also to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the invite to Paris for #BE200, the reception at the Embassy was most impressive!

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About me

I'm interested in open software, open data (especially public sector data) and data driven journalism and how all three can improve our society.

I'm also interested in better public representation and increased public participation in government.

I'm happy writing code in several languages but I've been writing a lot in node.js recently.